“Live From My Smartphone!” – Spherm Banks (Digital Album)


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The theme for “Live From My Smartphone!” is to be like Nike and “Just Do It”. The only thing that holds anyone back is themselves. Sometimes circumstances are the direct reasoning for disadvantages, but most of the time it is our beliefs and habits that are the obstacles in our way, which equate to you being in your own way. I came out of prison with nothing except a laser like focused mind, tenacity, determination, and a ideal with a plan. This album is meant to motivate, inspire, charge you up, push you, as well as entertain you letting you know that there is no excuse good enough to justify why you are not successful at what you wish to succeed in. Age does play a factor, circumstance plays a factor, but what else is there to blame except yourself when you are honest with yourself. Stop making excuses and get things done, and enjoy it while your are doing it…fo’Sho!
Music written and produced by: Spherm Banks, EBeats, Dasianae, Cutta Gutta, Menace, Makaih Beats, Severe Beats, Sean Combs, Chuchy Thompson, Mario Winnans

Intro / Life’s A Movie / Dynamic / $tr8 Talk – Live / WORD – I Got Vision / Poised / NAMELESS /
New Beginnings / Master Mind Global / I Don’t Care / Shark Meat / Too Easy as 1, 2, 3 /
Cool’n Vision / We All Live It / Blind Passion / Blue Cheese / Live From My Smartphone /
Heart & Soul 100 / Power Moves / Where’s My Money / 2 Sides to My Story


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